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Windows Server 2019 Essentials 64 Bit

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Windows Server 2019 Essentials Key

A server represents the central collaboration interface in many companies. Here, employees can store and distribute data internally, access various programs and use other resources. The connection takes place securely and conveniently via the network. This means that every employee can access the server functions from their workplace.

Buy Windows Server: A good choice for companies

Operating a server requires not only the right hardware but also the appropriate operating system. There are many different options for this, which are suitable for different areas of application. The Windows Server operating system is ideal for operating a company server. This offers all the functions necessary for use as a company server. In addition, Windows Server offers high security for the data and applications running on it. The operating system has been in use for many years and is particularly impressive due to its high level of reliability.

Windows Server 2019: the latest server software from Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of operating systems and has also been offering suitable products in the server sector for many decades. While these were originally very closely based on the usual PC operating systems and also used the same name, Microsoft brought an independent server system onto the market for the first time in 2003. The name for this was Windows Server 2003. Over time there were numerous new releases – Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2016. In October 2018, Windows Server 2019, the latest version of this operating system, was released.

What new features are included?

Windows Server 2019 brings with it some new features that make work in the company easier. It is therefore worth making the switch for all users of older versions. One of the key ways that Windows Server 2019 differs from Windows Server 2016 and all previous versions is the support for Windows Subsystem for Linux. This is a compatibility layer that enables Linux programs to run. The support of Kubernetes is also very practical. This program is intended for managing container applications. Windows Server 2019 also offers full IPv6 support. This ensures that your server is equipped for the latest Internet communication standards. Windows Server 2019 also meets current security standards, so that the operating system optimally protects your company’s data. The administration has also changed. In the previous version, a special Essentials server role was integrated into the Essentials version. However, this is no longer applicable in the new version. All packages are now managed via the data center. This enables simple and intuitive use. The System Insights function enables simple and precise capacity planning.

Buy Windows Server 2019 cheaply from MyCodes24

If you value a high-quality server operating system with many new features, then Windows Server 2019 Essentials is the right choice for you. This server operating system is ideal for smaller companies. If you want to buy Windows Server 2019 cheaply, then we at KeyProfi offer you the right deals. In this way, you can use a high-quality server operating system without incurring high investment costs, which are a crucial factor, especially for young companies.