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Windows Server 2019 Datacenter 64 Bit

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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Key

Setting up a company server significantly increases operational efficiency. All employees can access it and use its services. For example, the provision of large storage space is very practical. Employees can store large amounts of data here. It is also possible to access it from different locations – either from different workstations within the company or externally via the Internet. In addition, the server can provide various software products for use or carry out computationally intensive processes. To set up a company server, you need a suitable operating system. If you buy Windows Server 2019 Datacenter cheaply for this purpose, you will enjoy a server that works efficiently and has many practical features.

Windows Server 2019: The latest server from Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of operating systems. The Windows operating systems for the PC are particularly well known. The American software company has been the market leader in this area for decades. At the same time, it also offers server operating systems. The latest product in this series is Windows Server 2019, released in October 2018. The direct previous version is Windows Server 2016.

Lots of new features for your company server

If you set up a new server in your company, it is advisable to always choose the latest software – i.e. Windows Server 2019. But even if an older operating system is already installed, switching can make sense. This not only leads to better performance. In addition, the current version offers many new features that make work easier in the company. An important aspect is the extended container support. This speeds up work with data from the cloud. Storing information in the cloud is a practical and efficient alternative to internal data storage for more and more companies. However, in order to take advantage of this option, it is important that the company’s internal system can quickly retrieve the data and make it available to employees. This requires containers, for which Windows Server 2019 now offers significantly better support. Another aspect is the Linux subsystem for Windows. This makes it possible to run Linux programs on the Windows server. This is particularly useful if you have been using a Linux server and now want to switch to a Windows server. The System Insights function is very helpful in order to precisely plan the processes in your company. This not only makes it easier to monitor the entire system. In addition, it is an excellent way to plan the capacities for your tasks. The new admin center is also very practical. This not only makes managing your server easier. There is also an optional tool that allows you to manage multiple servers and the connection to the Azure cloud with minimal effort.

Buy Windows Server 2019 cheaply from MyCodes24

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