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Windows 10 Enterprise 2021 LTSC Product Key

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Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 2021 LTSC Product Key

In order for a computer to offer good performance, it is not only important that it has high-quality hardware. The operating system also plays a crucial role. It controls all internal processes and therefore has a high impact on the efficiency of the computer. Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 2021 LTSC is completely convincing in these areas. Buy the Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 2021 from MyCodes24 legally and particularly inexpensively. We also support you with expert advice before purchase and technical support for installation and activation after purchase – free of charge! Our lightning shipping guarantee: You will receive the key by email within a few seconds.

Greater security and new features

With the Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021 download you get access to the latest version of this software. This is primarily characterized by extensive improvements in security. For example, you benefit from an improved BitLocker function. In previous versions, this offered some areas of attack if users forgot their password and therefore unlocked the drive manually. That’s why Microsoft has improved recovery password protection. Another example of improved security is SMM Firmware Protection. This prevents attacks on the firmware when the computer starts. There is also improved protection for your login information. Windows Defender Credential Guard makes it harder for your passwords to be stolen. In addition, Microsoft has implemented many other improvements in the area of ​​security.
In addition to the improved security, you also benefit from several other new functions. For example, the Windows Subsystem for Linux now makes it possible to run Linux programs on your Windows computer. The Microsoft Edge browser, which has now also been integrated into the LTSC version, allows you to surf the Internet even more securely and conveniently.

More stability by eliminating functional updates

For many years, Windows 10 was the current version of this operating system from Microsoft. In order to keep it up to date with the latest technology over this long period of time, updates are constantly being released. In contrast to previous Windows versions, these are not only used to fix errors and improve security. In addition, functional updates occur every six months. This means that the operating system is constantly being updated with new functions. This is very practical for most users as it allows them to benefit from constant improvements. However, such comprehensive changes can affect the stability of the system. Therefore, occasional outages occur after these updates. While this risk is acceptable in most cases, it can have serious consequences for business-critical applications. For example, if a management system at an airport fails, serious accidents can result. This can also have dire consequences in laboratories, banks and some other areas. It therefore makes sense to forego functional updates in all of these areas. For this purpose, you can purchase the Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021 Key. This gives you access to a special version of the operating system. The functions are only expanded every two to three years. It is also possible to deactivate these updates. In contrast to the usual Windows version, it is possible to continue using the operating system without any problems even without the functional updates.

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We will send you the download links and the product key by email immediately after receipt of payment. With the key you purchase from us, you can immediately activate Windows for life. Of course, you will also receive simple installation and activation instructions. If you have already installed Windows 10 Pro, you don’t need to install Windows again. In such a case, you can easily activate the already installed operating system with the product key you purchased from us.